Next course offering will begin September 2023

 Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology 

I am hunkering down and writing a book during Fall 2022 through Summer 2023.

Unfortunately, something had to go and that is the 2022-2023 courses. I look forward to getting back to teaching again and expect the Fall 2023 course to run.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

I am offering a course that is designed for beginners to astrology as well as astrologers who would like to broaden their understanding from an evolutionary astrology perspective.

September 14 – November 2
Thursdays; 6 – 8 pm, eastern time

Connect your psyche to the intelligence of the universe

Astrology is the study of the “stars” i.e. planets in the solar system. We study their movement in the sky and how they correlate to human experience. As we do so, we see how the personal psyche is intimately linked to the macrocosm itself—to the planets and their movements in the heavens. Astrology thus supports the ancient idea of an anima mundi, or world soul, in which the human psyche participates in the cosmos.

In this course you will learn how to read and understand the language of the stars. It includes learning how to interpret the astrological blueprint from the archetypal and evolutionary astrological perspectives. This will in turn help you to understand the soul’s karmic challenges, gifts and evolutionary intention as well as how to best understand the personality that the soul uses to evolve.

The planets are your soul’s teachers and they are here to guide you towards fulfilling your highest potential. Knowing their language and learning how to be consciously guided by their intelligence will also help to bring the joy of connecting to the larger intelligence of the cosmos back home to you.

The course is taught online through Zoom   (I will send you a link to the Zoom class each week). In addition, you will receive audio and video recordings of the online webinar, a pdf of the PowerPoint slides, and all course materials. If you miss a class, no problem, you can watch the video (or listen to the audio) recording at your convenience.


“ Christina Hardy is a highly skilled, knowledgeable practitioner of Astrology, specifically, Evolutionary Astrology.

I highly recommend taking her classes if you are a person who wants to delve deeper into the meanings of Pluto, polarity points, North and South Nodes in the natal chart—exploring possible past life connections, the meaning of our current life, and what we are aspiring to accomplish in the future.

– Dorothea



“[My son] asked me to listen to the audio recording of his reading and I have to say it is truly unbelievable. You are the most intuitive reader I have ever encountered and I’m no spring chicken.

I don’t know how to thank you. You have made a difference in our lives – in an extraordinary way. Your wisdom has helped clarify the path he needs to take.  What a gift this has been.”

– Amber