Career Counseling

By Christina Hardy

Finding The Best Path

As an astrologer and a career counselor, I combine both modalities to help people do an in-depth analysis of the best career track for them. I combine the information gathered from your natal astrology chart with a psychological assessment of your interests and personality traits. The natal chart gives us a blueprint of your soul’s archetypal dynamics that includes how you can best express yourself through your work in the world. The interests and personality assessments* further clarify your aptitudes and personality strengths.

* the diagnostic instruments that I use are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Holland Code.


“What an incredible gift you have just given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and beyond.”

“I am still processing all that you told me today.  I was so excited for the reading, but I must say that it was more than I could ever have imagined.  I think it will take me a bit of time.  Still, I am ready to move forward. The jumble of my life is taking on a new clarity as I understand myself in a new way.  This is truly a gift that you have given me. From the depths of my heart, I thank you.”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful work and insights you shared with us today. My client was very moved and grateful. I can’t fully express how much this will help us in our work and how it confirms what we are doing. I feel blessed by the gift of you and your inspired work, in my life and now directly in my work.”

“I just re-listened to the recording of our last session and feel grateful beyond words once again for your guidance, insight and wisdom, it is a beacon and a leavening. Thank you!



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