By Christina Hardy

The guiding map that brings greater wisdom into one’s life

Your birth chart acts as a blueprint of your soul in this lifetime. It can help you see the karmic patterns brought in from previous lives and your soul’s evolutionary potential for this life. The position of the planets at the moment of our birth indicate how to develop the personal qualities and courses of action that will ultimately result in a more evolved, whole, and spiritually centered person according to your soul’s plan.

Are you seeking to:

  • gain clarity to your life’s purpose
  • make sense of your issues and find a course of action to transform them
  • find a career that serves your soul and provides security
  • enrich your intimate relationships
  • understand your past life patterns and your present life evolutionary intent
  • evoke a greater sense of meaning through connecting more deeply to the intelligence of our universe?

Working together, I can help you answer some of these life-affirming questions. Evolutionary astrology can bring to your awareness the archetypal dynamics that powerfully affect your psyche and circumstances. They are your soul’s teachers to help liberate yourself from your constricting patterns and fulfill your highest potential. They have a unique language that we will carefully listen to as you embark on this journey of knowing yourself and your world with greater wisdom and clarity.


“Truly, your gift in perceiving (my husband) and me as individuals and as a couple is totally remarkable. You identified and described issues, currents that have been with us since our earliest days together. And you’ve described how they can change – as some of them have- and what we need to do to manifest those changes. It is flabbergasting! Much of what I’ve tried to address with (my husband) that he hasn’t been able to hear from me, you put into words. That reinforcement will really help him take me seriously.  And you have helped me see both how I burden his heart in ways that I can modify and what incredible gifts he gives me. And then, for us to come to know the “personality” of our relationship is astounding.”



“To be seen by you is so affirming. I can feel it moving me more deeply into trusting the spiritual realm. I am so grateful. There is not a finer gift I could be given.”

“Again, thank you Christina.  I am amazed, each day, to be with this new understanding of my life and my purpose; an understanding that makes perfect sense and fits so well, like an old glove!”

“Thanks Christina, I can’t tell you how much better I feel today and right after the reading. Its so comforting to have my emotions validated like that and to feel like this is supposed to happen and I can do it.”



I am available Monday through Saturday.

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I look very much forward to working with you!


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