About Christina

Extensive Knowledge Combined With a Heart-Centered Intuition

About Christina

Christina has been a practicing astrologer for 19 years. After receiving her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, she studied archetypal astrology for 5 years at the California Institute of Integral Studies with Rick Tarnas. Christina later expanded her practice by studying evolutionary astrology under Kim Marie Weimer for 5 years and is now certified as an evolutionary astrologer. She draws upon both traditions but, in particular, the evolutionary astrological perspective to bring to light the evolutionary intent of the soul for each question, concern, and issue that a client faces.

She is the former Director (Administrator Emeritus) of the Department of Career & Academic Advising at Youngstown State University in Ohio where she worked for 15 years. This gave her extensive experience helping people find careers that nourish their soul while meeting their practical needs.

Christina is also a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner (taught by Patricia Walsh) and offers past-life therapy as a tool for healing and understanding one’s present life issues.

She draws upon all these traditions to with her heart-centered intuition to illumine the evolutionary intention of the soul, and to help her clients navigate life’s challenges.


“Thank you for an inspiring, sophisticated and thought-provoking interpretation of my astrological print.  Truly amazing.”
“I listened to my reading again yesterday. I keep getting so much out of it.  I’m continually moved by your insight and connection with the larger movements of transformation going on in the world.”



I am available Monday through Friday. Saturdays are available upon request.

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