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Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Courses

Deeply connect your psyche to the intelligence of the universe

The evolutionary impulse is evident throughout the universe, the very same evolutionary impulse is in your own soul. This intelligence is reflected in the birth chart, which is a blueprint that is used to illuminate your life’s journey.

The planets are your soul’s teachers and in this course you will learn about the planetary archetypes, and how to interpret the astrological blueprint. Knowing this language will help you to understand your soul’s evolutionary intent and to liberate you from constricting patterns so that you may fulfill your highest potential.

The Online Course has now begun and is closed, however you can register for the recorded webinar after it has ended on April 17th at a discounted price. In addition to the audio and video recording of the online webinar, you will receive a pdf of the PowerPoint slides, and all course materials.

Psyche-Earth-Cosmos is designed to teach you the archetypes of astrology and their evolutionary intent by using your own birth chart to gain a deeper understanding of the archetypes. These three-hour classes will give you the space and time to sink deeply into the archetypes and to embody them cognitively and experientially. The course is designed for those who are new to astrology as well as those familiar with astrology but are seeking a deeper connection to the planetary archetypes and their birth charts.


Online Course

The online course is now closed. However, the webinar will be available for a reduced cost after April 17th.

 Psyche-Earth-Cosmos Course

May 2 – June 6
6 – 9 pm

Location: Lake Erie Institute,

Chagrin Falls, OH


“[My son] asked me to listen to the audio recording of his reading and I have to say it is truly unbelievable. You are the most intuitive reader I have ever encountered and I’m no spring chicken.

I don’t know how to thank you. You have made a difference in our lives – in an extraordinary way. Your wisdom has helped clarify the path he needs to take.  What a gift this has been.”

– Amber



“I’m sending you a deep and heartfelt thank you for the birthday reading you did for me. I’ve had different types of readings in the past but I felt that yours was the most profound reading I’ve ever had. It helped me put so many of the events of my life – both recent and past – into a kind of cosmic perspective.

Thanks for giving me that glimpse. It has already been incredibly helpful.”

– Nurete


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